What Our Clients Say

Lise Hand


After a working lifetime in the PAYE system, I became self-employed a couple of years ago and found it very difficult to navigate the new world of sorting out my own tax affairs, from registering for VAT to calculating what I owed and what I could claim.

Following a few panicky weeks of clueless running around, I finally dumped the whole tangled mess at the doorstep of Frances Brennan. What a star. She made the whole process seamless and hassle-free, and saved me money in the process.

Frances is efficient, organised and totally unflappable. I have no hesitation in recommending the tax studio to others.

Prof. Dr Hans Werdich

Donau-Treuhand GmbH

We have clients who reside in Ireland of German origin. Frances has the ability to understand their requirements quickly and explain the Irish income tax and vat issues in a way that is easily understood by other nationalities. We would recommend that you contact THE TAX STUDIO for concise and relevant advice.

Mark Little

Journalist and Entrepreneur, CEO of NevalabsHQ and Founder of Storyful.

The advice of Frances and the Team at Tax Studio was essential to me as I simultaneously navigated the U.S. and Irish tax codes. She helped land exactly the right advice on both sides of the Atlantic, and ensure there were no hidden obstacles or unnecessary hassle.

Joe Elliott

Def Leppard

I have known and worked with Frances for many years and she has provided me with invaluable tax advice, taken on the load and allowed me to concentrate on my musical career without having to worry about the business side of things. It's very liberating to know my tax affairs are all in order!

Paul Brady & Mary Elliott

We first availed of Frances Brennan's knowledge of the Irish tax system when she joined the staff of OJ Kilkenny in the early nineties, and were pleased to become her clients when she founded her own company, the Tax Studio. As a tax advisor she ticks all the boxes, reliable, efficient, trustworthy, highly competent and possessing the ability to explain the intricacies of the tax system to mere mortals in comprehensible English. As an added bonus Frances has an infectious sense of humour. It really helps! We can wholeheartedly recommend Frances and wish the Tax Studio every success.

Brian Downey

Thin Lizzy

I have been a client of Frances' for many years. Her knowledge of the tax system in Ireland and beyond is excellent and I find her indispensable when it comes to filing my tax returns.

Raymond Turner

Writer and Consultant in Design Leadership and Management

Frances Brennan, The Tax Studio, has looked after our complex tax affairs for several years. She provides clear, unequivocal guidance on complex tax situations and engenders great confidence that all aspects of our tax responsibilities have been fully met.

    Ronan Ryan

    Writer - Debut novel
    'The Fractured Life of
    Jimmy Dice'
    published by Tinder Press

    I have been a client of Frances' since 2016 when she adeptly applied for the artist's exemption status on my behalf to the Irish Revenue. She has been a source of excellent advice and being able to confidently rely on her to manage my taxes has freed me up to focus solely on my writing. I couldn't be happier with the invaluable service The Tax Studio has provided.