What we can do for you.

Enhancing your business by minimizing your tax and planning ahead. Considering going to work abroad or coming to reside in Ireland? We can provide timely tax planning to ensure you understand the parameters.

Tax compliance is vital in order to avoid surcharges, interest on late payment and penalties. Why not be on time and save yourself money? Revenue audits can be a headache, but are easier to address with our help. Negogiating good outcomes on your behalf is important to us and we help smooth the way.

Sectors include: Artists, Sports, Company Directors, Engineers, Film producers, International tax, Journalists, Lawyers, Media & TV people, Musicians & Songwriters, Pilots, Women in Business, Writers of Plays, Scripts and Books, the list goes on…..
Providing NLP Life and Business Coaching for YOU.

Business coaching for your future – retirement and estate planning staged over time to explore your wishes and put them in writing.

Presentation of interesting Workshops on setting up business and the tax ‘to do’ list for self-employed individuals and SME’s presented in a user friendly way.

We help plan around your itinerary should your profession take you abroad. Foreign tax matters are considered in tandem with reliable local advisers in various jurisdictions that we know personally e.g. U.K. and U.S. We help minimise your tax bill to an acceptable level on both sides of the globe and wrestle with the paperwork instead of you!
It’s great to be heading off as part of your career – talk to us beforehand about how this can be managed at an early stage and we might suggest you stay that extra day!
Most musicians travel these days to earn a living and it is important to minimise local withholding taxes on live performances and merchandising. Social security can be reduced, and savings made! Did you know that publishing royalties are exempt from Income Tax in Ireland up to a max of €50,000 p.a. provided you are tax resident in Ireland and not resident elsewhere. Selling original art work and writing a novel also falls under this umbrella.
Producing and directing movies along with script adaptation entails a myriad of detail and the tax side can get lost! We can magnify the tax element and advise on how to reduce the tax burden. We also assist actors on the other side of the camera!
The nature of this profession can entail long haul contracts and planning in time is vital to either entitle you to a tax refund or pay less tax – talk to us in advance of travelling. Foreign Earnings Deduction (FED) may be available to you.
Who are these people – maybe it’s you! Privacy and trust are what you seek, and we can provide this in spades.
Educating you on how your tax status changes as well as your marital status!
Decisions! Decisions! We all put this off, however it does help to start the conversation……
Should you think about retiring abroad or maybe moving with your pension to a different country with attractive tax breaks e.g. Portugal or Malta. It’s all about timing!