Relocation to Ireland from Canada

What you need to know when relocating from Canada to Ireland

Tips on relocating to Ireland from outside the EU, in this case Canada

We recently employed a Canadian resident relocating to Ireland and found the employee had to jump through quite a few hoops!

  1. No visa required – a plus!
  2. Work permit required on relocating. The process starts at the airport when you land with your documention, and have an appointment set up through A shortcut is being married to an Irish citizen!!!
  3. Apply for  a PPS number know as Social Insurance number (SIN) in Canada or a TIN in the U.S. You can set up an appointment through Equip yourself with a letter from an employer to prove you plan on working in Ireland and your passport.
  4. Proof of address – a letter from a potential employer is proof of address for the PPS number but not for opening a bank account…
  5. With PPS number set yourself up on My Account and get a PIN sent to your Irish address which the bank will accept as proof of your address in Ireland.
  6. Open that bank account to get paid!   For this equip yourself with your passport, letter from employer and proof of Irish address and patience
  7. Apply for a tax credit certificate through My Account on